A digital learning and communication platform developed based on a large analytical framework from 2005-2009, with input from leading experts both in Denmark and internationally.

Mobile Fitness

About Mobile Fitness

Mobile Fitness is a digital platform for learning and communication developed with a view to assure an optimum use of resources for weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes. The ability of the program to motivate and inspire users to complete their training program and/or maintain healthy lifestyle changes ensures higher retention and success rates.

Mobile Fitness was developed on the basis of comprehensive analysis from 2005-2009, with input from leading experts in Denmark and internationally. Mobile fitness uses unique algorithms to calculate the optimum weight loss course for each individual and a customized communication plan to keep the user motivated.

Digital learning environment with each user as the focus

Through a tailored course for each user, Mobile Fitness seeks to educate users about their daily behavior. Step by step, each user learns about different aspects of health, nutritional diets and regular exercise, so that they can develop new and effective ways to reach their health goals.

Personalized and relevant communication

The core of the Mobile Fitness solution is a digital communication program. The program constantly communicates with each user to help them reach their goals. It is based on each user’s personal profile to ensure that communication is targeted, applicable and unique to the user. As a consequence, the user’s development is not only central for the final outcome; it is the fulcrum of the continuous communication and improvement.

The Program

The Mobile Fitness program starts with users joining via the Internet and completing a health-questionnaire. Based on the answers, the program calculates each user’s most optimal course for successful lifestyle change and weight loss. The user gains access to a personal profile on the Internet, and on their mobile phone. Here the user is offered access to a line of useful tools and articles. The user receives continuous support via program messages, SMS messaging, movie clips and e-mails.

The different aspects of the health action

With the mobile- and web-based health platform the user receives access to the following;

  • Personal diet and counseling program
  • Exercise and training program
  • An optional individual online consultation with a clinical dietician
  • Access to various articles and multimedia content, which is compiled by experts within the areas in question
  • And much more

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