‘Life’ is a digital health care program and an effective tool for those who want to lose weight, maintain weight, get in better shape, get more energy, quit smoking or simply live a healthier life.


Life - Interactive program for healthy lifestyle habits

Supported by the Market Development Fund, Mobile Fitness has developed an interactive health program that is being tested by more than 3,000 employees in both municipalities and companies. Partners include Steno Diabetes Center, Aalborg University, Nykredit, Novo Nordisk, the Danish Cancer Society, Ideaal, Association of Clinical Nutritionists, Aalborg Municipality, Halsnæs Municipality, Brande Municipality, Kerteminde Municipality, Køge Municipality, Nyborg Municipality, Odsherred Municipality, Ringkøbing Skjern Municipality, Rudersdal Municipality, and Syddjurs Municipality.

Kjeld Poulsen, Steno Diabetes Center:
“When it concerns the effective prevention of diabetes’ rise, it is undeniable that welfare innovation has the potential to find new ways, and new ways are needed to achieve a breakthrough. Mobile Fitness is a good example of how cooperation can help Steno to reach our goal faster and better”

Per Kim Nielsen, Project Manager, Danish Cancer Society:
“We, in the Danish Cancer Society, have a broad knowledge that supports the use of digital media in health promotion. The experience this project can generate, will expand our knowledge on how digital media can be used in a Danish context”

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